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Seasonal Camper
Rules & Regulations

Here at Jaggars Point Oceanfront Campground Resort we strive to make camping experiences enjoyable for all. We ask that all of our seasonal campers abide by the rules and regulations.

  1. Seasonal camping agreements but be submitted prior to the final payment date for the season. Campers that come in mid season must submit the agreement within 5 business days of site confirmation. If agreement is not submitted, you may be evicted without refund.

  2. Deposits are Non-Refundable. 30-day notice of Cancellation. Refund at managements discretion

  3. Any modifications to the site must have written approval prior to beginning with a paper diagram for your file outlining measurements etc.

  4. All guests must have their own personal and property insurance. RV’s are left on the grounds at the owner’s risk. Jaggar’s Point Campground accepts no responsibility for damages caused by other persons or acts of Mother Nature. Units left for winter storage must have Management consent.

  5. Non-Registered Visitors must check-in at the office when arriving and must leave the campground by 11:00 PM.

  6. Entrance to the campground constitutes permission for the Management to photograph and/or video guests or visitors while on the premises and to use any resulting media for lawful purposes without compensation

  7. Only one RV per site max 6 people (2 adults over 18, and 4 children)

  8. Limit of 2 vehicles parking per site. Additional or Visitor parking is available outside the gate. Additional vehicle approval may be granted from time to time based on individual circumstances.

  9. Quiet time begins at 11:00 pm. Loud music, voices, disturbing noises and/or disruptive behavior are not allowed at any time. Please respect your fellow campers.

  10. “Children at Play” 10 Kmph speed limit in Campground—violators may be expelled without warning

  11. Use of the Pirates Den is at the discretion of the management and must be pre-booked on a first come first served basis.

  12. Use Swimming Pool At your own risk—There are no lifeguard’s present Swimming Pool is for use of registered guests. Non-registered guest (Visitor) swimming passes available at the office for a fee. Sudden and no warning closure of the pool area may be done during thunderstorms. Underage swimmers must have an adult supervisor present. Children in diapers must wear swimming diapers

  13. Pool hours are posted at pool— Adult only swim times are offered and posted at the beginning of the season.

  14. Beach area for use by all guests. No Lifeguards—Obey all Ocean & Fisheries Warnings & Rules. Use of beach dock and slide is at your own risk.

  15. Garbage must be bagged appropriately and separated according to recycle laws and placed in garbage bins provided. Do not burn your garbage in fire pits—Do Not Litter on our Grounds, Campsites, Park areas or Beaches

  16. Fire pits are provided on lots and provincial fire restrictions must be adhered to. Only wood may be burned in fire pits and use of chemical fire starters is not permitted.

  17. Use of Mini-bikes, Dirt bikes, ATV ’s or any off-road vehicles are not permitted unless by special permission from the Management. This permission can be revoked at any time, at management’s discretion, without notice.

  18. Pets must be controlled at all times, and never left unattended for extended periods of time at Campsite. Pets must not disturb other guests by barking or any other disruptive behavior. Pets must be walked on a leash and all droppings or messes picked up and cleaned properly.

  19. Wi-Fi service is provided free of charge and is for use by all guests. Jaggar’s Point is providing the fastest service available in our area, which may limit service during peak usage times. Should this service not meet your needs we would suggest getting your own personal Wi-Fi through your satellite provider. Our Wi-Fi is not guaranteed, and strength differs throughout the park. It is not designed for streaming use.

  20. Washing any type of RV, ATV, Bike, Boat, Vehicle, etc is prohibited

  21. Do not cut, trim, or damage any trees or shrubs without permission of Management

  22. Fire pits are not to be moved without permission from Management. If you are designing your own fire pit, please have those plans pre-approved by management.

  23. Fireworks are not permitted unless authorized by Management

  24. Registered guests are responsible for all under- age guests and/or visitors. You are responsible for the actions of these persons and will be held accountable for any abuse, misuse or damage to any campground equipment, facilities, or grounds.

  25. Bike helmets must be worn at all times and must be monitored and enforced by Parent or Guardian. Use of a bicycle after dark must have a light on it that can be seen by drivers.

  26. Bicycles, electric cars, scooter etc must have a flag on them high enough to be seen by cars and trucks. Children must be advised to be careful of cars and to respect the road and to move out of the way when a vehicle is approaching. They must also be taught to honor the stop signs within the park and to stop, look and proceed.  

  27. Use of legalized recreational drugs are only permitted within the confines of your trailer and must not affect surrounding campers. The use or sale of any illegal drugs is strictly prohibited, and campers will be evicted without notice.

  28. Management reserves the right to evict, at our discretion, without refund, any person or guest whose conduct is objectionable, disturbing or in violation of Campground rules. Treat our staff and fellow campers with respect.  Respect everyone's boundaries and properties.  Verbal abuse, abusive language, or harassment will not be tolerated, and may be grounds for immediate eviction without refund.

  29. All campsites must be maintained in an orderly fashion. No garbage or refuse is permitted outside of your RV. You must ensure that all totes such as bikes etc are cleaned up and stored properly before leaving your site for extended periods of time.

  30. Registered campers with assigned gate cards and not permitted to use that card to let visitors into the campground with vehicles. Parking is provided for guests outside of our office. Permission from management must be provided to allow guests vehicles within the park. Guests are also required to sign in at the office prior to entering the park.

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