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Why Jaggars?

We came to Nova Scotia four years ago to look at properties because the beauty, the people and the connection was something that we wanted to be part of. 
We have always been RV campers and have visited many campgrounds over the years throughout Canada and the US. Being a camper and seeing the diverse options for people made us really want to become part of this industry, not as campers but as owners. 
In December 2019 we found exactly what we were looking for. We began the process of purchasing this great property throughout a pandemic. We were persistent because we knew what we wanted and what could be done with that property. 
The previous owners had neglected it for many years and failed to disclose some of the major infrastructure issues that we only discovered after taking ownership in July 2020. 
This season has been working to fix the infrastructure, pool, piping and building repairs. 
Our long term goals are adding additional wooded tenting sites with service, gathering area on the beach, ATV tree houses and more. 
Currently, we are waitlisted for seasonal spots but do recommend you come place your name on the wait list if you would like to grow with us. 
We are looking forward to welcoming you to Jaggars Point Oceanfront Campground Resort. 


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