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Folklore 'as it that there many years ago in the fog, ye could 'earrr a ship comin' into the basin. The fog been thick, an' the air been still. Ye could 'earrr the waves 'ittin' the bow o' the ship an' the brass bells ringin' in the air as they moved from side to side.

 it be believed this here ship 'ad attacked several small, coastal towns along the atlantic coast an' been full o' treasures. In the distance ye could 'earrr the laughter an' celebration from the gentlemen o' fortune on board the SS golden pillager bein' led by their fearless leader, Cap'n Jaggarrr.

 As the fog thickened, the sounds started to lesson. No laughter been 'eard, no waves splashin' along the bow o' the ship. Suddenly, it been quiet.

 As the fog lifted in the early mornin' there been no ship or debris. It be believed the ship down to Davy Jones' Locker into the night with all on board. As the tide washed away there was gold coins found scattered along pebble beach 'owever, no wood, no supplies, nothin'. Only gold.

Many 'ave said o'er the years that there the SS Golden Pillager been a ghost ship an' that there Cap'n Jaggarrr ne'er really existed…. But what about the gold?

It be said in the thick fog ye can still 'earrr the brass bells ringin' in the distance. It be also said that there some nights ye can 'earrr the thump from Cap'n Jaggars wooden leg 'ittin' the rocks as 'e walks the beach at night lookin' fer 'is treasure an' callin' fer mac, 'is macaw parrot. Many people o'er the years 'ave spotted a green macaw in the trees that there seems to vanish as quickly as 'e appeared. Could it be mac?

Every now an' then a gold coin washes on the shore o' pebble beach, still today.

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