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Folklore has it that many years ago in the fog, you could hear a ship coming into the basin. The fog was thick, and the air was still. You could hear the waves hitting the bow of the ship and the brass bells ringing in the air as they moved from side to side.

It is believed this ship had attacked several small, coastal towns along the Atlantic Coast and was full of treasures. In the distance you could hear the laughter and celebration from the pirates on board the SS Golden Pillager being led by their fearless leader, Captain Jaggar.

As the fog thickened, the sounds started to lesson. No laughter was heard, no waves splashing along the bow of the ship. Suddenly, it was quiet.

As the fog lifted in the early morning there was no ship or debris. It is believed the ship sunk into the night with all on board. As the tide washed away there were gold coins found scattered along Pebble Beach however, no wood, no supplies, nothing. Only gold.


Many have said over the years that the SS Golden Pillager was a ghost ship and that Captain Jaggar never really existed…. But what about the gold?

It is said in the thick fog you can still hear the brass bells ringing in the distance. It is also said that some nights you can hear the thump from Captain Jaggars wooden leg hitting the rocks as he walks the beach at night looking for his treasure and calling for Mac, his Macaw parrot. Many people over the years have spotted a green Macaw in the trees that seems to vanish as quickly as he appeared. Could it be Mac?

Every now and then a gold coin washes on the shore of Pebble Beach, still today.


We are located on the majestic Bay of Fundy with some of the highest tides in the world. Our pebble and sand beach allows you magnificent sunsets, a place to sun bathe or swim and to just bring a beach chair and listen to the waves. The basin drains completely of water twice a day as the tides shift. Bring down a chair and watch it transform. 

Our full-service campground and RV park provide all of the amenities you need to ensure you have a fun-filled and relaxing vacation.

Whether you stay for a night, for a week, or become part of our seasonal camping family you can be certain that you and your family will enjoy your stay.

We offer you 2500 feet of ocean frontage where you can relax and watch sunsets, look for sea glass, find beach glass or roll out your yoga mat for some R&R.

Located only minutes from the fishing town of Digby, here you will find a wide array of excellent restaurants, majestic views, all the amenities you need for food and supplies. 

You can even head to Brier Island and enjoy a day Whale Watching or rent a guide in town to take you out fishing. The options for you are endless. 

Also located within 30 minutes is the quaint town of Annapolis Royal and Bear River. Both full of history and lots of sights to see. 

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The gathering hub at Jaggars is Capt'n Salty's Island. Our pool area is designed with a Caribbean theme and offers several lounge chairs with Tiki Umbrellas. We also have our Tiki Bar we pull out for our kids and adult pool parties.  This will be a permanent outside fixture in the summer of 2022. 

Adjacent to our pool is Whydah Galley, our recreation hall. We offer several kids programs in here along with our back deck area for live concert events, meditation and yoga classes. We are in the process of renovating the galley to offer food and ice cream services for the 2022 season. We are also planning in expanding the building to add a "teen" gathering area for our campers. 

Pi-rats Treasure Chest is our children's play area with a large open field with play equipment and our new playground equipment being installed in the fall. This area also offers two chalkboard picnic tables where kids can sit and be creative while enjoying the smell of fresh salt air and sunshine. 

Jaggars Point Oceanfront Campground Resort offers our campers several onsite amenities. 

  • Capt'n Salty's Island - pool area

  • Whydah Galley - our recreation hall

  • Pi-rats Treasure Chest - playground area 

  • Mini Golf 

  • Horse Shoes, Washer Toss and Life Size Chess Game - to sign out

  • Laundry Facility 

  • Showers and Washrooms (our ocean area washroom facilities are closed currently for repairs and upgrades. The buildings in front are open).

  • Ice and wood on site for purchase. 

  • Book library 

  • Hiking, walking and ATV trail

  • 2500 feet of ocean frontage for beach glass hunting, swimming and relaxing.

  • Upgraded park Wifi. This service is not guaranteed for live streaming.

  • Wildwood Camper Rental 

  • Rustic Cabin Rental

  • Tent, 15amp, 30 amp, full service and pull through sites.  

  • Theme Weekends

  • Live concerts and events

  • Adult only swimming hours and pool parties.

  • Much, much more.... 

Image by CJ Toscano
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